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About Us

If you have more Questions? Please, read our Mobile Phone Credits FAQ or GIFT SHOP FAQ OR Contact Us. lets you send timely Gifts and Mobile Phone Airtime credits to friends and family in Cameroon allows Cameroonians resident abroad to send timely Gifts and prepaid mobile phone credit to friends and family in Cameroon. Once purchased on our website, the gift can be delivered to the recipient or collected from our Offices. With mobile phone credits the recipient's mobile phone will be topped-up automatically.

Great uses for
  • Send a gift. Sending a small gift any sort or sending prepaid credit can go a long way help people connect with information, friends and family.
  • Stay connected with friends and family. Send phone credit to start an SMS chat with a friend. Just a few dollars/pounds/Euros will allow your friends to send you all the news from home!
  • Send minutes so they can call you. Sending just a few dollars/pounds/Euros of prepaid mobile phone credit to your family allows them to call you whenever they want to talk to you. They won't have to wait until they get prepaid credit.
  • Support your family at home. If you are responsible for their day to day expenses, then they can use the cash you send for other expenses. This is a simple and easy way to support the folks at home.
  • No matter how you chose to use, it's always secure and easy.